Hazel Hawking

A Shifter Druid from North Dogshaw bonded to an arctic wolf beast spirit


Character Sheet

Shifter Druid racial substitution levels


Per Day = 1 + Shifter Feats/2
Duration = 3 + Con + Shifter Feats


Hazel is a 21 year old shifter druid. She was born in mid-winter, up in the Mute Tundra to her parents, Merona and Brukval. As she grew, her family noticed something strange about their daughter. She interacted with things that no one else could see or hear. The local wise-woman told them she had attracted spirits of the Frostfell. When she was three, they sold their herd of caribou and made the journey across the world, as far from the Frostfell as they could get, to Soxitch.

They settled in North Dogshaw, as shepherds, where Hazel, now eight, had trouble fitting in with the other village children. Though she was no longer talking to “imaginary friends,” she was sometimes a distant, strange, even savage child. Luckily for her, she was befriended by Aura Moonbrook, Calcifer Thumb, Katara Leftfoot, and Koda Misae.

Upon taking her first rites as an initiate druid, an arctic dire wolf spirit called Ulu bonded to her, rather than an animal companion. It seems despite the journey across the world, she did not lose all the spirits that were called to her. As long as she and her spirit share her body, her hair is white, and her eyes an icy blue.

When she left North Dogshaw, she left behind a younger brother, Dalinar, aged 10. She gave him her lucky shortspear, bidding him to take care of the family for her.

As of late, Hazel has been experiencing vivid dreams, in which she converses with her beast spirit, Ulu. Hazel’s Visions

Born: Mid Legarian, 351 AH.

Hazel Hawking

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