Valint and Balk

Valint and Balk


Valint and Balk’s insignia is a mountain with a coin-shaped vault door partially blocking a cavern entrance. It is stamped on every official document in a unique mixture of inks and perfumes.

Background, Goals, and Dreams

Valint and Balk is a multi-national banking organization with roots dating back into the Age of Heroes. It was founded over five (5) centuries ago in The Twins and has been spreading and growing ever since. It has holdings in every major settlement from Igglesha east to the Eastern Vale.

Enemies and Allies

Almost every merchant and noble has heard of, if not done business with, Valint and Balk. They are a strong bank and many wealthier citizens of their respective nations rely on Valint and Balk. Valint and Balk has many allies, and few enemies. Although most thieving guilds target Valint and Balk storehouses, few succeed. And Valint and Balk always pays for and enacts swift vengeance if anything is ever stolen from it.


Most of the employees at Valint and Balk have at least a few levels in either wizard, archivist, or rogue classes. They have a fair number of bodyguard and mercenaries on their payroll, as well.




16 (Multicontinental/empire)

Affiliation Score Criteria

Valint and Balk has a strict policy on who it employs and works with. Only non-chaotic beings are allowed an interview. After enduring an intense interrogation within a Zone of Truth, potential candidates must demonstrate impeccable mental and dexterity skills.

Criteria Affiliation Score Modifier
10 or more ranks in Appraise +1/2
5 or more ranks in Decipher Script +1/2
10 or more ranks in Forgery +1
5 or more ranks in a Knowledge (Region) prevalent to Valint and Balk +1/2
Speaks 6 or more languages +1
Skill Focus (Appraise or Forgery) +1/2
Levels in Exemplar PrC +1
Wealth +1/50,000 gp
Spends 10 or more years in the organization +1
Non-Lawful alignment -5
Steals from the organization -10
Lacks a noble title or acts unbefitting a noble -2
Lives or was born in an area Valint and Balk does not serve -2
Titles, Benefits, and Duties
Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or less No affiliation
4-10 Junior Associate: Eligible to take employment offers from Valint and Balk. Access to a savings account. Allowed to apply for a low-interest loan.
11-21 Associate: Personal valet (CR 1) while attending to business with Valint and Balk. 100gp monthly income for every 10,000gp invested in Valint and Balk. Must maintain 5% of wealth in Valint and Balk resources.
22-29 Senior Associate: Paper Charm – when burned, triggers a word of recall (CL 16) tranferring you back to the Valint and Balk bank you obtained the charm from. The personal valet will attend you outside of Valint and Balk, but you suffer a -5 penalty to your affiliation score if the valet is injured or killed. Must maintain 10% of wealth in Valint and Balk resources.
30 or higher Board Member: Unknown
Executive Powers

Gift, Mint, Trade

Capital Score

18 (money, trade goods, transport)

Valint and Balk

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