Soxitch is a large subcontinent. It lies to the South and West of the mainland. Soxitch is a hodge-podge of people and cultures. Almost any race and religion can be found on Soxitch. Most of the cities are coastal, port towns, and there is a large amount of dependency on the ocean for fishing, shipbuilding, etc.

Soxitch is also well known for shepherding and has beautiful green pastures covering most of the inland. To the West, Soxitch has a mountain range running almost wholely along the coast. These Crater Mountains are home to goatherders and some wild tribes. They’re primarily xenophobic, however.

To the East, off the coast of Soxitch, lies a series of five (5) islands known as The Fingers Bastard children born on Soxitch are given the surname “Thumb,” as Soxitch is often called The Thumb to The Fingers.

North Dogshaw is a small village in the North-east of Soxitch. It is the hometown to the heroes of Villains, and the launching point of the campaign.


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