Sentient Reincarnation

Roll once on the primary table below. If the result refers to a sub-table, roll a second time and consult the appropriate table.

Reincarnation (Primary)

Roll Race Reference
01 Templated Creature List A
02-03 Extaminar Champions of Ruin
04-05 Raptoran Races of the Wild
06-07 Half-Ogre Races of Destiny
08-10 Living Construct List B
11-17 Elf List C
18-22 Gnoll List D
23-29 Gnome Lise E
30-31 Extraplanar Creature List F
32-38 Dwarf List G
39-43 Shifter List H
44-48 Goblinoid List I
49 Changeling Races of Eberron
50 Planetouched List J
51-60 Human List K
61-63 Orc List L
64-67 Half-Orc List M
68 Darfallen Stormwrack
69 Asherati Sandstorm
70 Goliath List N
71-77 Halfling List O
78-81 Half-Elf List P
82-83 Monstrous Humanoid List Q
84 Crucian Sandstorm
85 Kenku Monster Manual III
86 Mongrelfolk Races of Destiny
87-88 Reptilian List R
89 Fey List S
90 Catfolk Races of the Wild
91 Dark One List T
92 Hadozee Stormwrack
93 Spellscale Races of the Dragon
94 Aventi Stormwrack
95 Skulk Races of Destiny
96-97 Hellbred List U
98-99 Deep Imaskari Underdark
100 Faun Deities & Demigods

A. Templates

Roll again on the primary table and apply template to reincarnated creature.
Note: If template is not a legal template for reincarnated creature’s type, disregard template.
Note: Multiple templates are possible. Disregard most recently rolled incompatible template result(s).

Roll Race Reference
01-05 Half-Dragon Monster Manual
06-15 Chameleon Underdark
16-24 Fiendish Monster Manual
25-29 Half-Janni Sandstorm
30-38 Half-Vampire Libris Mortis
39-47 Celestial Monster Manual
48-67 Aquatic Stormwrack
68-76 Half-Fey Fiend Folio
77-85 Shadow Lords of Madness
86-95 Draconic Races of the Dragon
96-100 Woodling Monster Manual III

B. Living Constructs

Roll Race Reference
01-13 Warforged Scout Monster Manual III
14-86 Warforged Races of Eberron
87-100 Warforged Scout Monster Manual III

C. Elves

Roll Race Reference
01-07 Sun Elf Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
08-14 Lesser Drow Player’s Guide to Faerun
15-21 Fire Elf Unearthed Arcana
22-28 Wood Elf Monster Manual
29-35 Drow Monster Manual
36-42 Jungle Elf Unearthed Arcana
43-49 Painted Elf Sandstorm
50-58 High Elf Player’s Handbook
59-65 Gray Elf Monster Manual
66-72 Wild Elf Monster Manual
73-79 Desert Elf Unearthed Arcana
80-86 Snow Elf Frostburn
87-93 Arctic Elf Unearthed Arcana
94-100 Forestlord Elf Dragon Magic

D. Gnolls

Roll Race Reference
01-15 Gnoll Flind Monster Manual III
16-80 Gnoll Monster Manual
81-100 Gnoll Flind Monster Manual III

E. Gnomes

Roll Race Reference
01-07 Wavecrest Gnome Stormwrack
08-14 Whisper Gnome Races of Stone
15-21 Air Gnome Unearthed Arcana
22-28 Ice Gnome Frostburn
29-35 Lesser Deep Gnome Player’s Guide to Faerun
36-42 Desert Gnome Unearthed Arcana
43-49 Forest Gnome Unearthed Arcana
50-58 Rock Gnome Player’s Handbook
59-65 Chaos Gnome Races of Stone
66-72 Fire Gnome Planar Handbook
73-79 Jungle Gnome Unearthed Arcana
80-86 Stonehunter Gnome Dragon Magic
87-93 Svirfneblim Monster Manual
94-100 Arctic Gnome Unearthed Arcana

F. Extraplanar

Roll Race Reference
01-10 Githyanki Monster Manual
11-21 Spiker Planar Handbook
22-31 Fire Mephling Planar Handbook
32-41 Water Mephling Planar Handbook
42-75 Githzerai Monster Manual
76-85 Earth Mephling Planar Handbook
86-95 Air Mephling Planar Handbook
96-100 Buomman Planar Handbook

G. Dwarves

Roll Race Reference
01-05 Dream Dwarf Races of Stone
06-10 Jungle Dwarf Unearthed Arcana
11-15 Seacliff Dwarf Stormwrack
16-20 Wild Dwarf Races of Faerun
21-25 Gold Dwarf Dungeon Master Guide
26-30 Deep Dwarf Monster Manual
31-35 Glacier Dwarf Frostburn
36-40 Urdunnir Magic of Faerun
41-45 Badlands Dwarf Sandstorm
46-63 Hill Dwarf Player’s Handbook
64-68 Frost Dwarf Planar Handbook
69-73 Mountain Dwarf Monster Manual
74-78 Earth Dwarf Unearthed Arcana
79-83 Arctic Dwarf Unearthed Arcana
84-88 Desert Dwarf Unearthed Arcana
89-93 Fireblood Dwarf Dragon Magic
94-98 Lesser Deurger Player’s Guide to Faerun
99-100 Deurger Monster Manual

H. Shifters

Roll Race Reference
01-10 Truedive Races of Eberron
11-20 Longtooth Races of Eberron
21-30 Wildhunt Races of Eberron
31-40 Longstride Races of Eberron
41-50 Cliffwalk Races of Eberron
51-60 Beasthide Races of Eberron
61-70 Gorebrute Races of Eberron
71-80 Razorclaw Races of Eberron
81-90 Swiftwing Races of Eberron
91-100 Dreamsight Races of Eberron

I. Goblinoids

Roll Race Reference
01-07 Dekanter Goblin Magic of Faerun
08-14 Arctic Goblin Unearthed Arcana
15-21 Snow Goblin Frostburn
22-28 Varag Monster Manual IV
29-35 Air Goblin Unearthed Arcana
36-42 Desert Goblin Unearthed Arcana
43-56 Goblin Monster Manual
57-70 Hobgoblin Monster Manual
71-79 Bugbear Monster Manual
80-84 Sunscorch Hobgoblin Dragon Magic
85-92 Bhuka Sandstorm
93-98 Jungle Goblin Unearthed Arcana
99-100 Forestkith Goblin Monster Manual III

J. Planar Touched

Roll Race Reference
01-02 Tannaruk Magic of Faerun
03-06 Gloaming Underdark
07-10 Fey’ri Magic of Faerun
11-17 Water Genasi Magic of Faerun
18-24 Zenythri Monster Manual II
25-31 Tiefling Monster Manual
32-38 Mechanatrix Fiend Folio
39-45 Feytouched Fiend Folio
46-52 Earth Genasi Magic of Faerun
53-59 Aasimar Monster Manual
60-66 Maeluth Fiend Folio
67-73 Wispling Fiend Folio
74-80 Chaond Monster Manual II
81-87 Fire Genasi Magic of Faerun
88-94 Air Genasi Magic of Faerun
95-98 Baphitaur Underdark
99-100 Shyft Fiend Folio

K. Humans

Roll Race Reference
01-10 Vasharan Book of Vile Darkness
11-20 Underfolk Races of Destiny
21-30 Illumian Races of Destiny
31-50 Human Player’s Handbook
51-65 Silverbrown Human Dragon Magic
66-80 Neanderthal Frostburn
81-90 Sea Kin Races of Destiny
91-100 Sharakim Races of Destiny

L. Orcs

Roll Race Reference
01-15 Desert Orc Unearthed Arcana
16-30 Water Orc Unearthed Arcana
61-45 Frostblood Orc Dragon Magic
46-70 Orc Monster Manual
71-85 Arctic Orc Unearthed Arcana
86-100 Jungle Orc Unearthed Arcana

M. Half-Orcs

Roll Race Reference
01-10 Desert Half-Orc Unearthed Arcana
11-30 Scablands Half-Orc Sandstorm
31-40 Water Half-Orc Unearthed Arcana
41-50 Arctic Half-Orc Unearthed Arcana
51-70 Half-Orc Player’s Handbook
71-90 Frostblood Half-Orc Dragon Magic
91-100 Jungle Half-Orc Unearthed Arcana

N. Goliaths

Roll Race Reference
01-12 Feral Gargun Races of Stone
13-90 Goliath Races of Stone
91-100 Feral Gargun Races of Stone

O. Halfling

Roll Race Reference
01-08 Desert Halfling Unearthed Arcana
09-17 Water Halfling Unearthed Arcana
18-27 Glimmerskin Halfling Dragon Magic
28-36 Ghostwise Halfling Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
37-43 Deep Halfling Monster Manual
44-51 Arctic Halfling Unearthed Arcana
52-65 Lightfoot Halfling Player’s Handbook
66-70 Tundra Halfling Frostburn
71-74 Jungle Halfling Unearthed Arcana
75-81 Tallfellow Monster Manual
82-87 Strongheart Halfling Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
88-95 Shoal Halfling Stormwrack
96-100 Jerren Book of Vile Darkness

P. Half-Elf

Roll Race Reference
01-10 Arctic Half-Elf Unearthed Arcana
11-20 Forestlord Half-Elf Dragon Magic
21-30 Jungle Half-Elf Unearthed Arcana
31-40 Deepwyrm Half-Drow Dragon Magic
41-60 Half-Elf Player’s Handbook
61-70 Desert Half-Elf Unearthed Arcana
71-80 Half-Drow Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
81-90 Half-Human Dungeon Master Guide
91-100 Fire Half-Elf Unearthed Arcana

Q. Monstrous Humanoid

Roll Race Reference
01-05 Chitine Underdark
06-15 Nycter Monster Manual III
16-30 Armand Monster Manual III
31-50 Ibixian Monster Manaul III
51-70 Frostfolk Frostburn
71-85 Thri-keen Expanded Psionic Hanbook
86-95 Yakfolk Monster Manual II
96-100 Centaur Monster Manual

R. Reptilian

Roll Race Reference
01-10 Jungle Kobold Unearthed Arcana
11-20 Desert Kobold Unearthed Arcana
21-30 Viletooth Lizardfolk Dragon Magic
31-40 Poisondusk Lizardfolk Monster Manual III
41-50 Lizardfolk Monster Manual
51-60 Kobold Races of the Dragon
61-70 Troglodyte Monster Manual
71-80 Blackscale Lizardfolk Monster Manual III
81-90 Arctic Kobold Unearthed Arcana
91-100 Earth Kobold Unearthed Arcana

S. Fey

Roll Race Reference
01-35 Uldra Frostburn
36-75 Killoren Races of the Wild
76-95 Domovoi Frostburn
96-100 Shadar-Kai Fiend Folio

T. Dark Ones

Roll Race Reference
01-07 Dark Stalker Fiend Folio
08-92 Dark Creeper Fiend Folio
93-100 Dark Stalker Fiend Folio

U. Hellbred

Roll Race Reference
01-25 Hellbred Body Fiendish Codex II
26-50 Hellbred Spirit Fiendish Codex II
51-75 Hellbred Body Fiendish Codex II
76-100 Hellbred Spirit Fiendish Codex II

Sentient Reincarnation

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