Crusaders of Valkrath

Crusaders of Valkrath


ValkrathThe Crusaders of Valkrath have their shields and armor engraved with an endless knot – the symbol of Valkrath’s undying righteousness. All of the organization’s temples and outposts harbor the symbol in a stained glass window above the primary door.

Background, Goals, and Dreams

Founded in 289 AH, the order was established by a devout following of Valkrath that refused to believe the Age of Heroes has ended. They are an order of holy warriors and priests dedicated to Valkrath and the pursuit of righteousness. The order believes in routing evil wherever it establishes footholds and protecting the weak-willed and meek. Almost since their inception, the crusaders have been equally embroiled in their crusade against evil and the politics of the realm, often providing supporting strength to the soldiers bordering Ixelan and the Plague Rock Empire.

Enemies and Allies

Ovlond Dorarr has been a constant thorn in the Crusaders’ side since its inception, refusing their warriors and scribes passage through his domain. More than once, the two have come to blows, although neither has brought its full force against the other, yet.

Followers of Valkrath, the Sculptor, and Primus tend to get along well with Crusaders, who all respect the importance of life, order, and righteousness. In general, Crusaders are respectful and respectable, but are often hard-headed and self-righteous. As long as they are not ill-treated, most crusaders are helpful and kind. However, once wronged, Crusaders are vengeful foes.


Many Crusaders are paladins, priests, fighters, and healers. Elite Crusaders have been known to become Abolishers, Exorcists, and Radiant Servants of Valkrath. Recently risen Crusaders have taken levels in Shadowbane and Gray Guard classes.

The crusaders allow members to retire and quit if their heart is no longer in the fight. However, if a member leaves due to becoming a fallen paladin, demonic possession, or attempts to corrupt the order, an exorcism squad is usually dispatched to deal with the perceived threat to the order.

The Crusaders of Valkrath are led by the Council of Light, which is made up of the High Crusader, High Priest, High Elder, Head Scribe, Defender of Denerim, and an assortment of Elder Brothers. The current High Crusader is also the Defender of Denerim: Brother Dryden Allsaf. One of the Elder Brothers is Alistair Davida, Kevros Davida’s father.


Fighting company


11 (Multiregional/duchy)

Affiliation Score Criteria

Only good-aligned worshipers of Valkrath are allowed to join the Crusaders of Valkrath. They must study and train at the order’s primary temple in Denerim before official membership is granted.

Criteria Affiliation Score Modifier
Character Level +1/2 character levels
Base Attack Bonus +10 or higher +1
Can cast 3rd- to 4th- level divine spells +1
Recommendation of a Council of Light member +1
Completion of a mission assigned by the Crusaders of Valkrath +1
Makes a discovery important to the Crusaders of Valkrath +1
Humiliates an enemy of the Crusaders of Valkrath +1
Donates money or magic items to the Crusaders of Valkrath (+3/year max) +1/2,000gp
Commit an unrighteous or evil act -5
Knowingly associates with an evil being -10
Loses or destroys Crusaders of Valkrath property -1/1,000 gp
Titles, Benefits, and Duties

As you advance as a crusader, you learn new methods for thwarting evil and rumors of your heroic deeds are spread through the land.

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or less No affiliation
4-10 Junior Brother: The Crusaders recognize you as a potential ally in the fight against evil. You can obtain temporary lodgings in any settlement where the Crusaders have an outpost.
11-15 Knight Brother: You are inducted into the Crusaders and can requisition a 2nd level or lower scroll 1/month (Which must be available to a cleric of Valkrath)
16-20 Crusader: Priests will cast 4th level or lower spells on your behalf for free when you visit Crusader outposts (excluding material components)
21-24 Hammer of Valkrath: Hammers of Valkrath must donate 10% of their treasure gained to the Crusaders. In return, Hammers may gain audience with friendly nobles within 1d6 days of request and are entitled to a Crusaders of Valkrath honor guard on missions (EL character level-2)
25-29 Elder Brother: By taking a -5 penalty to your affiliation score, you may receive a divine spell of 6th level or lower for free. Evil creatures may make a Knowledge (Religion) check against you (DC 30-Character level). If successful, they gain a +2 bonus on attack/damage rolls against you, as your exploits and skills have become renown to the opposing side.
30 or higher Council of Light member: Once per year, for one week, You may borrow a magic item in the Crusaders inventory worth 18,000gp or less. While you do so, the organization takes a -1 penalty to its capital. Your likeness is erected in the order’s courtyard in Denerim, granting you a +2 circumstance bonus on Charisma-based checks when dealing with people who have seen your likeness. See Council of Light.
Council of Light

While the entire council is heard, there is a definitive heirarchy to the council. All members begin as Elder Brothers who are given a voice in the council meetings. The Defender of Denerim is often entitled to the most militaristic Elder Brother. He sees to day to day training for lower-ranking members and the defense of Denerim as a whole. The Head Scribe is responsible for the record keeping of the order. The High Elder is always the eldest member of the council, and generally granted the sur-title ‘Wise Elder’. He is responsible for diplomatic relations in the Order. The High Crusader is responsible for missions and crusades outside of Denerim. The High Priest takes care of the faith and souls of the Crusaders. Below is a listing of duties each council member is held responsible for. All members are Elder Brothers in addition to any other title they hold.

Title Duties
Elder Brother When granted a seat on the council, the tithing requirement is increased to 15%.
Defender of Denerim The Defender must succeed on DC 20 Martial Lore check each month; failure indicates Denerim is set upon by a EL 12 raiding party.
Head Scribe Must succeed on a DC 20 Appraise check once per month; failure indicates the Crusaders lose 1 capital.
High Elder Must succeed on a DC 20 Diplomacy check once per month; failure indicates a political villain either rises to the spotlight or makes a move against the Crusaders.
High Crusader Must face a CR 13 creature in single combat 1/year.
High Priest Must exorcise a CR 10 demon 1/month. Must succeed on a DC 25 Perform (Oratory) 1/month; failure indicates a temporary -1 penalty to scale. Three months of consecutive failure indicates a permanent reduction in scale.
Executive Powers

Crusade, Inquisition, War

Capital Score

11 (Soldiers, weapons, armor, and temples)

Crusaders of Valkrath

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