Tag: merchant


  • Rocher

    Rocher is a merchant who recently fell on hard times. While travelling through the [[Eye Woods]], he lost his caravan and guards. Left with only a horse, he's been travelling north ever since, trying to find someone willing to help him recover his loss. …

  • Korton

    Korton is short for a gnome. His black hair is tinged at the temples with silver. He keeps clean shaven. His eyes are a deep purple, almost black. Korton always wears travelling gear, made of fine leather and hides, dyed a dark blue or black. Even at his …

  • Devran

    Devran is an alchemist in [[Vasirl]] who identifies magic items and crafts alchemical substances. He claimed a ruby given to him by [[:calcifer-thumb]] was merely a general ruby with a Magic Aura spell placed on it.