Tag: druid


  • Hazel Hawking

    Hazel is a 21 year old shifter druid. She was born in mid-winter, up in the [[Mute Tundra]] to her parents, Merona and Brukval. As she grew, her family noticed something strange about their daughter. She interacted with things that no one else could see …

  • Elidda Turin

    A Rock Gnome druid from the [[Eastern Vale | Eastern Vale]]. She is welcoming, warm, and motherly without being overbearing. She makes you feel at home wherever it is you meet her. When told to "fetch," her badger animal companion, Snickers, usually …

  • Haskar Flaying-Sands

    A Swiftwing Shifter druid from the [[Sand Rage Desert | Sand Rage Desert]]. He prefers to keep his own council, and has trouble standing in one place for too long. Always on the move, he paces almost as much as his puma animal companion, Khador.