Excelsior: An Autobiography

The tale of Excelsior, from the Age of Heroes


Excelsior: An Autobiography

Language: Common
Edition: Fourth
Cost: 5 gp
Weight: 3 lbs


This tome tells the story of the Psychic Master – Excelsior. He was a human from, the footnotes explain, the area now called Sha-Dar. His ability to link his mind to animals brought him to the attention of a hidden cabal of creatures known as ‘Elans’. He gave up his humanity to become an Elan. Taking the name Excelsior, he rode with a band of heroes near the peak of the Age of Heroes.

He lived long enough to earn the title “Eternal” among the Elans. He lists his accomplishments as matter-of-factly as possible. Excelsior was so focused with his mind that he was able to defy physics and reshape his body as he chose. The stories he writes depict him accomplishing such things as defeating, in single combat, a vile Black Dragon that once sought to turn the water of the world to acid.

Perhaps his single greatest deed, or so he claims, is laying to rest the ‘World Slayer’ and building a mountain on top of it. While his deeds are varied and many, this tome reads as a mixture of a lecture and a journal and contains many footnotes from scholars who have analyzed the writing over the years.

Excelsior: An Autobiography

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