Kevros Davida

A devout student of Valkrath and scribe.


Kevros is a forty-four (44) year old gnome scribe serving Valkrath.

Kevros was born to a gnome family in Legarian. His birth parents worked for Ovlond Dorarr and provoked the anger of the Crusaders of Valkrath. Alistair Davida led a crusade into Legarian and scattered most of the populace. Finding an orphaned gnome child, Alistair adopted him.

Kevros was raised with his adoptive parents, Alistair and Morrigan, and five younger siblings: Sten (42), Zevran (39), Wynne (36), Leliana (37), and Shale (34) (the Davida’s eldest son, Duncan was killed in an incident involving Ovlond). Sten, Zevran, and Leliana followed their father’s footsteps and joined the Crusaders.

Kevros was raised with the values of Valkrath in a family that believed in honesty, charity, and defending innocents. When his parents believed he was old enough to comprehend his past they explained to him what had happened and why the order took action against his biological family. He lives knowing that he can use the gifts of his birth parents to lead a life that his adoptive parents are proud of.

He apprenticed under a scribe with the Crusaders of Valkrath. After reaching journeyman status, Kevros was asked to serve as a scribe in several Crusader outposts, most recently in Bellshadow. Kevros admirably performed his duties which were predominantly in scribing and research, but at times involved diplomacy and information gathering. When the resources of the Crusaders were spread a little thin he traveled with paladins to provide them with support using the blessings of Valkrath.

While Kevros knew he was doing good work under the Crusaders, he has a strong desire to broaden his horizons as nearly all of his life has been spent in Igglesha. He expressed this to his father and superior at the Bellshadow outpost, and when opportunity arose with Korton he took it with the Crusader’s blessing.

In Kevros’ research, he has studied Valkrath and the other deities of the pantheon (mainly those who also have virtues in line with Valkrath). He has read of the Age of the Gods, a time when the Gods’ presence in the world was more than just the faith of their followers. Kevros firmly believes that it is up to the believers to re-establish connection with the Gods (though the reasons for such he does not presume). He has set out with this goal in both his heart and mind, always determined to expand his knowledge as much as possible, hoping the most important question he’s ever asked can be answered.

Born Vanchik 1st, 327 AH

Kevros Davida

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