Aura Moonbrook

A half-elven woman seeking her place in the world.


Aura Moonbrook is a thirty (30) year-old half-elven drifter. She was raised in an elven community in the southern part of The Glade of the World by her mother Argathrena, in the town of Leap Frog. Being that her mother was the only scribe widely accepted by the nobles, she was often unavailable or buried in work, leaving little time for the young Aura. As a child, Aura acted out, as children do, to catch the attention of her mother. At first, starting with pranks, she grew bored with her childish antics and escalated to thievery. And despite her mother’s continued disinterest, or maybe because of it,she became a very accomplished thief.

Around the age of 15 Aura finally captured her mother’s attention by stealing some important paperwork from one of Argathrena’s clients. Her mother discovered this and was furious. In the ensuing fight, Argathrena gave her an ultimatum: either Aura reformed and studied to become her apprentice (so she could keep an eye on her) or she would report her to the village elder’s and let them deal with her. Aura instead chose to leave her home and travel the world searching for the human father she never knew.

Lonely, she drifted from town to town until she ended up in North Dogshaw, and giving up hope of finding her father she stayed and found work as a local handyman.

After North Dogshaw fell under attack, Aura decided it was time to start moving again. Since then, she’s been travelling with Calcifer Thumb, Hazel Hawking, and recently Kevros Davida. While travelling, Aura has been attempting to further build and define her relationship with nature and has recently bonded with her wolf, Seff.

Born in early Jotrauk, 341 AH.

Aura Moonbrook

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