Alistair Davida

Semi-retired paladin & adoptive father of Kevros


Alistair is Kevros’ adoptive father. While on a mission with the Crusaders of Valkrath, his squad caused Kevros to become an orphan and Alistair took it in his heart to adopt the young gnome.

Alistair is native to Igglesha and married to a woman from the High Seat Empire, Morrigan. He and his wife have five surviving children out of six births. They are a very old-fashioned, honorable, and pure family. Alistair is a stout member of the Crusaders and an idealist at heart. He currently resides in Denerim with his wife and two dogs. His youngest son and daughter, Wynne and Shale, also live in Denerim. His other children are stationed throught Igglesha at Crusaders outposts.

He is an Elder Brother in the Crusaders organization and stays active as much as possible, although rarely campaigns with the other paladins these days.

Alistair is seventy (70) years old and has entered his twilight.

Alistair Davida

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