Wandering the Countryside

The search for clues begins

Two weeks after the Assault on North Dogshaw, Aura Moonbrook, Calcifer Thumb, Hazel Hawking, Koda Misae, and Katara Leftfoot arrive in a small port hamlet in Lord Tarly’s domain within Igglesha. The hamlet had just been raided by orcs coming in from the north. The orcs have been sporadically raiding for over a month now.

After a brief debate, the party heads east towards Nedra, where Lord Tarly rules. While collecting firewood one night, Aura is set upon by gnoll slavers. They kill one and allow the other to flee. A town closer to Nedra is well garrisoned by Tarly’s soldiers, but the smaller villages on the outskirts are unprotected.

Upon arriving in Nedra, the group is unable to gain access to Tarly’s keep. They strike south, towards the Glade of the World. On their way south, Koda meets up with Rocher. He recruits the party to strike south in the Eye Woods to recover his lost caravan. Having agreed to accept this task, the party stops a day or two into the Glade, in an elven village names Maple Leaf.

While in Maple Leaf, they meet with an elven council-member, Elara, who provides them with general advice about the Eye Woods and some rumors of Rocher.

Event Dates: The last week of Ariaza, 372 AH



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