Different Kinds of Elves

Aura, Calcifer, Hazel, and Kevros spent the evening in Tiny Root discussing options and tactics available to them. On the next morning, they set out east from town, marching straight toward the drow, hoping to catch them by surprise underground.

As they neared the cliff-face, they noticed two scouts who were quickly dispatched by a well placed arrow and Aura’s new wolf ally, Seff. Concerned that drow were now aware of their presence, they set up an ambush in the woods. Eventually, when no drow came, the group made its march on the cave entrance and the drow inside.

The sentries outside the cave were quickly dispatched by Hazel’s druidic magic and Calcifer’s newly developed mental powers. When they attempted to enter the cave, though, a small squadron of crossbow wielding guards put up quite the fight. While attempting to take Aura alive, the guards were surrounded and defeated, even with the terrain and magical darkness aiding them.

Unfortunately, however, the last drow was able to issue a command to release the ‘kreeshee’. Retreating out of the cavern, they made their stand. Two large, black, mutated wolf-hybrid creatures, the kreeshee, and their feral drow companion emerged from the cavern entrance. The feral drow had ghost-like bear arms extending from its ribs and a second set overlaying its own arms.

Chaos ensued as Calcifer fell to one of the foul beasts and Kevros put himself in danger to save the carpenter’s son. Once Kevros and Hazel fell, with the latter shattering her pelvis, things were looking grim. But Aura managed to slay one of the kreeshee while Seff guarded Calcifer until he was able to regain his footing. In an epic displace of power, or possibly dumb luck, Calcifer hacked the feral drow’s leg off and Seff leapt on the weakened creature, tearing his face from his skull.

With a moment to breath, Aura and Calcifer dared not risk further confrontation with drow and retreated with their injured allies back towards Tiny Root. Just outside of town, a dispatch of elven warriors melted out of the trees and Aura was confronted with Nikta Niima, a Guardian of the Glade.

They had come at the behest of the village to deal with the drow. With them, travelled Gambit, who seemed ecstatic to see Aura again. He regaled the party with tales of his daring escape from gnoll slavers and eventual arrival in Willow Sap where he latched onto Nikta and his Guardians.

When Nikta returned from the caverns, Kevros learned that the surviving drow had retreated further into the underdark and abandoned the camp they had built in the cavern. With this news in hand, the group decided to move on to Willow Sap and seek out a healer for Hazel, since she was unable to walk.

Gambit, seemingly more intrigued with Aura than he was with Nikta, latched onto the group and followed them back to Willow Sap. Having been there before, Gambit made his way to Mylo Nikta and returned with a reward the heroes had earned.

Their new found wealth in hand, and with the knowledge that Hazel would be bedridden for close to two months, the four split up to accomplish their own ends in Willow Sap…



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