North Dogshaw Burns

They awoke to the town aflame

Late one evening in early spring, Koda Misae, Hazel Hawking, Calcifer Thumb, and Aura Moonbrook awoke to odd sounds. Upon investigating, they found Pyatt Ash assaulting townsfolk and releasing ash rats to set buildings aflame. During an intense battle, one of the monstrous rats tore Calcifer’s nose off. When he was saved by Koda, his latent psionic powers manifested with blood.

Hazel managed to spear some rats and finally succeeded in ending Pyatt’s assault. The wounded retreated to the temple and their own beds while those still fighting fit fought the fires with the aid of the townsfolk. In the end, four town-members lost their lives alongside Pyatt, and two buildings were burned down. The local inn suffered severe smoke damage, but stayed standing.

At the town meeting the next day, a new sheriff was elected to replace the one killed by an ash rat. The four town heroes were selected/volunteered to travel to the mainland and investigate these dark times. Collecting what supplies they could from volunteers, they set sail the next morning.

Event Dates: The first week of Ariaza, 372 AH



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