Adventures in Willow Sap

Calcifer spent weeks scouring Willow Sap trying to find a lead on what was going on with his powers. Almost ready to give up hope, Calcifer finally has a breakthrough…

While wandering through a merchant’s shop, perusing tomes and scrolls, he notices a man seemingly made of metal, wood, and stone. The warforged politely introduces himself as “Seeking to Acquire All Knowledge Possible While Refraining from Causing Harm to Any One or Thing”. ‘But you may call me Seek. Everyone I have met seems to do just that.’

After a brief inquiry, Calcifer is relieved to finally have a clue to move forward with. It seems Seek has been wandering the world since in the middle of the Age of Heroes. He keeps relatively to himself, but wanders from settlement to settlement bartering knowledge.

Having never been to Soxitch, Seek seems incredibly excited to hear tales of Calcifer’s childhood, North Dogshaw, and the countryside as a whole. In exchange, he offers what knowledge he can about psionics.

Hazel, confined to the carriage fashioned for her by Sylva, eventually makes her way to the temple of the Mother One in search of the next druidic circle meeting.

While in the temple, Hazel meets a ragged looking dwarf with wildfire-red hair and dark, smoke colored eyes. Kret Flametongue introduces himself as a servant of the Mother’s Anger, visiting from the Dark Sun Territories, and invites her to attend the next gathering outside of town. Seeing that she is still recovering, Kret offers to help her reach the gathering.

A few nights later, Kret and Hazel find themselves in a clearing with half a dozen other druids under the half moon, with the dark star high in the sky and a low, ankle-high fog rolling in…

After a night of worship and gossip, Hazel leaves having met two interesting druids – Haskar Flaying-Sands and Elidda Turin.

Aura mixes her time between lifting purses and slumming it in the seedier parts of town, trying to locate the black market.

After a few nights of subtle questions, paid off drinks, and casual eavesdropping, Aura gets a lead for where she can buy and trade less than legal goods. After scoping the place out and making sure it’s not a trap, Aura enters a small shop in an alley deep in the maze that makes up the slums of Willow Sap.

She reluctantly hands over her weapons when the guards pat her down and is allowed to enter the shop itself. The merchant has a series of bars across his counter top, protecting him from attacks, and possibly acting as a tool to delay any guards while he escapes. He is a human male of average height, wearing nondescript browns and greys. In fact, the only alarming feature he has is a silver streak of hair over his left eye that clashes with his dark brown hair.

His eyes are shrewd, but seem more interested in her coin purse than anything else.

“Welcome to my house of many fine and exotic rarities,” he motions to the empty space around the small room. “What can I interest you in on this fine evening?”

The two set to haggling and Aura leaves only to return a few nights later. She finally leaves the shop with seemingly only a tome of knowledge, but her purse seems a great deal lighter.

After the drow attack on Tiny Root, Kevros spent time pondering what could have brought the dark elves so close to the surface. He came to the conclusion that the drow were in need to females to reproduce, but was unsure why.

For over a month, Kevros sought audiences with scholars, researchers, maesters, and even students, hoping to inform and spread his theory.

Some few rejected even meeting with the gnome, doubting his credibility as a learned individual, but most accepted the young gnome and listened eagerly to his theory. Some saw merit in his points, others thought it lunacy on principle.

Still many more offered counter-points in the debate: why would a society dominated by females need females to reproduce? Males are the ones with the shortest lifespan in that society. If they’re only being used for reproduction, why dye their skin black? If they were used as slaves for breeding, skin color would not matter to those savage monsters.



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