A New Employer

Aura Moonbrook, Calcifer Thumb, and Hazel Hawking arrive at the Elk Horn Tea Shop to meet with the mysterious stranger who sent them a note. After a brief exchange with R’Kelt, Calcifer hands over the skeleton of Rhyon that he’s been carrying around, for disposal.

The three are shown into a private tea room where they are introduced to two dark-haired, dark-skinned gnomes. Kevros Davida is a gnome scribe and apparent member of the Crusaders of Valkrath. Korton is a well-informed and well-off merchant.

After a brief discussion and inquisition about everything from Rocher to the Assault on North Dogshaw, the three agree to join with Kevros and explore an abandoned ruin for Korton. He is seeking a relic believed to interfere with, if not outright thwart, at least one of Ixelan’s plans.

The next morning, they ride out with one of Korton’s caravans and head East. After a few weeks travel, they come upon the Varah River, where the party splits from the caravan to head north. They quickly find the abandoned fort that supposedly sits atop the hill that the relic is buried under.

While exploring the old tower, a malicious fey ambushes them. Once that creature is safely disposed of, they set up camp in the ruins. After a night of heavy rain, Calcifer and Aura are drenched to the bone and not feeling too hot. The four enter a trap door in the floor of the ruins and wind down a spiral stair case to the heart of the hill. With the rain drizzling behind them, they leave the cold and enter the damp, dark undergound. Fearing traps, Aura leads the way, holding to the left wall.

A fire dart trap is easily detected and avoided, but Aura is unable to disable it, forcing the others to run through with some risk. They continue exploring and disturb a dire badger’s nest in a part of the ruins that has caved in, allowing the earth to run free. Once past the beast, Calcifer and Hazel stumble into a blood-drinking spider’s web and struggle to kill the vermin while it feasts on their blood.

Backtracking to a previous fork in this old prison-ruins, as they have discovered this place to be, Aura has a vision of a brutal murder when she enters a room. Unfortunately that brief distraction is all the lurking choker needs, as their previous battles have allowed him ample time to set up an ambush. A rough fight ensues and the choker is thwarted. As this dungeon gets stranger, the party next faces a pair of floating eyeballs and quickly dispatch it.

A triggered trap later, in which part of the ceiling collapses, and they all feel the pain and danger here. Returning to, what they believe to be, the most defensible room, the party barricades themselves in and proceeds to spend the next day resting and relying on the power of their gods to heal them.

Once they all recover, they continue exploring the abandoned prison and disturb a group of dwarven skeletons and some zombies. Hazel is a little disturbed at the amass of undead that keeps creeping up. Why won’t things stay dead?

Event Dates: The second week of Lipery, 372 AH – The first week of Feekitituu, 372 AH.



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