In the Age of the Gods, deities freely roamed the multiverse. It was a traditional, peaceful, fantasy world for millenia. Elves lived side-by-side with man; dwarves mined in the mountains; gnomes tinkered across the lands. That was a time before the blood-feud between elves and orcs.

When the gods left the world, darkness sought a foothold. The world entered its second age: the Age of Heroes. Heroes of legend were aplenty back then and songs of their great deeds rang throughout taverns at night. Evil lurked in the shadows, but was always defeated. The world was prosperous, and while some races fell and others warred, the world itself was a beacon of light. At least until a few centuries ago.


One night, a dark star was spotted in the night sky, and the tide has slowly been turning. The heroes of legend are gone. The Age of Heroes is over. Good is no longer always victorious, and evil is taking hold in the world. These are dark times, and trouble seems to lurk around every corner as of late.

Ixelan, an egotistical undead king, rules a nation of goblinoids, reanimated corpses, and assorted other tribal races. He conquered his lands by force, removing some of the world’s greatest heroes from this life. Since that time, he has stayed behind his borders, and regardless of the secrets whispered, no one knows what his goals are. Some brave warriors, seeking to prove themselves heroes have ventured into his country, never to return. Whatever Ixelan’s goals are, he has stayed within his borders thus far, unwilling to start a war.

However, deep into the Underdark, far below the surface, a great dragon, Krylvliktl has been waging wars for centuries. First she conquered the duerger nations, after which the drow quickly fell. She now rules most of the Underdark; there are even rumors in the dark that the Illithid, monsters of legend, bend their will to her power.

The world has entered its third age: The Age of Villains.


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